Mobile Application Testing

Allied Testing, a leading software testing and QA company, has adapted its experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive, managed testing service for mobile applications, covering the entire lifecycle of an application, from design and development to deployment and follow-on releases.

Allied Testing has built on its experience of desktop clients and server-side testing and invested in developing mobile platform-specific expertise, test plans and test approaches that provide the building blocks for application-specific, individually specified and managed test programs. To this was added investment in hardware and test laboratory resources for tracking the dynamic landscape of mobile operating systems and hand-held, communicating devices.

Allied Testing’s service begins at the earliest phase of a software development project, continues through all intermediate stages, extends into the full lifecycle of the application and does not stop until the last release. The service is comprehensive in scope and duration, maximizing the likelihood of an excellent outcome.


Tools and Automation

We use the best tools we can find as well as build our own.

When we have defined a test approach for a mobile application, including test scripts, these can be folded into the development and testing phases to produce application builds that are instrumented for testing.

There are tools available for most platforms:

Mobile applications require their own test resources and we have invested in identifying the best tools or building what we need.


Testing Scope Offered

Allied Testing has more than 10 years of established testing business covering desktop and server software development projects. Mobile application testing service extends this business. The comprehensive and integrated scope of the testing for a mobile application that Allied will undertake can combine desktops, mobiles and servers as required. The advantage of this testing scope is that a defect can be chased to its origin even when this is not inside the mobile application under test.

When combined with Allied Testing’s capacity to manage the whole testing process, including all internal and external parties, a defect can be corrected by the parties best placed to do so.

Testing Software Functionality

Allied Testing has a decade of experience in testing the integration of complex, inter-connected clients, applications and services, including mobile applications.

  • The specified software functionality of a mobile application is the central focus of our testing and quality assurance.
  • We find it practical to divide client software functionality into different elements:
  • Business Logic: With a decade of experience in testing complex multi-client, multi-server applications in demanding sectors like finance; Allied Testing will thoroughly test the business logic of your mobile application at the outset.
  • Client Software Platform: Allied Testing adapts its detailed knowledge of mobile platforms into the right individual tests for your applications and your markets.
  • User Experience: Allied Testing combines its knowledge of mobile platforms with its extensive experience in meeting usability challenges and standards to produce a testing regime that produces winning applications.

We test these elements individually and in interaction with each other.


Testing Integration with Internal and External Systems

Many mobile applications communicate with software services that are internal or external to the client application developer. These applications must be integrated with those services. We can do all integration testing for mobile applications whether they are interacting with:

  • Other software sub-systems
  • Internal back office systems or
  • External systems, e.g. Apple’s in-application purchase system.

Testing Application Deployment

We understand the process of installing the software on the device; configuring the software for the user; registering the client software with other services; and meeting any organizational requirements for a cohort of users to begin using the application. Allied test plans take account of this requirement and will ensure that actual deployments proceed smoothly.

How do we do it:

  • Considering several possible cases in which a single user installs, registers, an application.
  • Increasing the number of users doing the installations, registrations, etc. to test for volume or simultaneity consequences.
  • Simulating peak installation and registration periods to test the effects on external services of heavy traffic from local or wide area networks.

Testing Process Managing

Testing is an integral part of assuring the quality of a software project and application deployment.

  • The earlier consideration is given to testing, the better.
  • The earlier that testing begins, the sooner that the results and benefits can be folded back into the design, development and deployment process.
  • The earlier that internal and external parties relevant to the software development project are included in the QA process, the more likely that the project and its outcomes will go well.

Allied Testing can manage the entirety of quality-assuring your mobile application.

Allied Testing is a leading software testing company—expert in every phase of test planning and execution—that can manage the whole business of delivering a quality mobile application.

Managing distribution for Testing and Deployment

  • Installing software can require interacting with external partners or suppliers.
  • These interactions may be required for each incremental release of the software.
  • Allied Testing will manage these interactions as part of managing the test process:
  • We will manage all the interactions required for submitting, certifying and listing applications for testing or deployment.
  • We will create and maintain the relationships with partners as required to complete these interactions.

Allied Testing uses its tried and tested comprehensive approach to plan for quality at every stage up to and including application deployment and distribution.

Design Help for Testing

  • Quality assurance begins with the design of an application. Allied Testing can contribute at the earliest stages to ensure that your mobile application is designed with testing and quality in mind.
  • Allied Testing’s expertise means that it has developed considerable experience and expertise in designing software for better, more effective, less costly testing.
  • Allied Testing staff have considerable experience of what works in software design, development and deployment.

Allied Testing has extensive experience to share at every stage of a mobile application project.

Server Testing

Based on industry-leading best practice as well as tools, methodology and processes proprietary to Allied Testing.

It may include:

  • Stress and performance testing
  • Assessing system supportability
  • Characterizing networking communication requirements for a server-based systems

Client Testing:

  • Mobile applications that communicate are clients to other systems or in some cases peers, just like desktop clients
  • Each of these clients must be tested individually to ensure that are usable, functional, performing, regression-free.

Smartphones compared to Desktops

Smartphone or handheld devices are not embedded systems running on limited hardware.

Allied Testing’s scope is aware of the similarities and differences amongst them:

  • Similarities
  • Operating System
  • Networking & Communication
  • Differences
  • Operating System
  • Networking & Communication
  • Hardware
  • Identity and Security
  • Network Operators

Supported Clients

Allied Testing’s mobile application testing services, investment and efforts are focused on the most promising mobile client platforms in terms of application sophistication, market share, and future potential.

Smartphone Operating Systems:

  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS
  • RIM Blackberry OS

Web Applications:

  • Allied Testing will test mobile applications that are web applications. The restricted execution environments of these applications required Allied to develop a specialized testing approach.


  • BlackBerry handsets
  • Apple’s iOS-based
  • Android-based devices including:
  • Google Nexus One
  • Motorola Droid(s)
  • HTC and Samsung

Supported Networks and Communication Media

  • We will test any networking or communication medium and the range of networking protocols we are prepared to test is extensive
  • However, some networks or communication media cannot be tested offshore
  • We test GSM-based cellular telephony and data. We can test other cellular network technologies like CDMA if required, though not usually offshore

Tools and Automation

  • We use the best tools we can find as well as build our own
  • When we have defined a test approach for a mobile application, including test scripts, these can be folded into the development and testing phases to produce application builds that are instrumented for testing
  • There are tools available for most platforms:
  • Commercial tools like M-eux from Jamo Solutions
  • Open, cross-platform tools like the Google-supported Selenium project, which has drivers for many mobile platforms and browsers (For testing web applications)