From Allied’s beginning our mission has been to provide our clients with the highest quality of QA services and become a leading specialist QA and testing firm. We have achieved this by making QA and testing our focus.

  • Objectivity and independence

As a dedicated QA vendor we are objective and independent when it comes to the quality of your applications and IT systems. Compared to many development firms that offer QA as an add-on to their development services, working with us means no conflicting loyalties. We keep our QA efforts transparent and thorough — implementing our QA solutions to achieve client’s quality targets and business goals.

  • Resources

Quality of our staff really sets us apart from competition, because talented and dedicated QA engineers are rare. We hire new staff from top specialist universities and provide constant nurturing with technical and business domain training. Our employees are experienced, stable and motivated professionals who have picked QA as their career choice — we don’t assign work to B or C teams, because we don’t have them. Our employees are dedicated to QA management and our attrition rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

  • QA Center of Excellence

In the complex world of globally distributed, multi-vendor development environments employing a dedicated vendor that provides a centrally handed QA process gives you visibility, manageability, and process rigor that cannot be achieved otherwise. Our expertise covers full spectrum of QA and testing (functional, non functional, failover/recovery, compliance, etc.) and goes beyond the generic types of testing offered by development vendors. What’s more, we possess proven ability to align the QA strategy and coordinate implementation in complex multi-vendor environments.

  • Intelligent testing of financial and trading application

We train our employees to understand the underlying realities of capital markets, trading, and finance from user viewpoint. This enables us to perform “UAT-like” testing (testing use cases vs. simply converting specs to tests) — an added comfort level and quality for our financial industry clients.

  • User acceptance testing
When it comes to user acceptance testing our QA engineers can help by solving the biggest problem faced when trying to organize any UAT type testing — business user’s deficit of time.

By taking over the technical side of UAT and assisting business users in writing, maintaining and executing UAT tests we maximize the value of business users’ time spent in UAT. We are able to do this because we possess deep financial and trading domain knowledge and understanding.

  • End-to-end integration testing

In any modern enterprise level application development its standard to have various system components being developed by separate globally distributed entities. We have a proven ability and expertise to test end-to-end business logic of the whole system (vs. component level only) — a critical QA process in any successful distributed application development.

  • Speed and productivity

Our sole focus on QA and financial domain knowledge allow us to:
•   commence a project earlier
•   acquire knowledge more rapidly
•   produce business oriented results faster

  • Business analysis
We help our clients build quality into their applications and IT systems. Our knowledgeable business analysts work closely with the client’s internal team during the requirements gathering process, making sure there is inherent consistence and testability — and therefore streamlining the QA process and increasing the overall application quality.