The end-quality of your application is at the heart of our QA and testing services.

We work to provide cost-effective and intelligent testing solutions to identify and remove software defects, ensuring that your applications meet their functional requirements.
We have achieved our status of a specialist QA and testing expert by offering solutions that:
   rely on an intelligent approach to functional testing
   cover your entire software development cycle
   integrate seamlessly into your internal quality management capabilities
   adapt and expand to meet the changing business demands and requirements
   improve the quality and time to market of your application
Our core services include:
   Intelligent manual testing
   GUI-based automation
   Back-end automation
  • Intelligent manual testing

Our intelligent manual functional and regression testing solutions result in higher end-quality of your application, and set us apart from our competition. 

We approach testing as a primary user: working to understand the primary user’s needs and requirements, and testing accordingly. For one of our clients this approach decreased the number of user-found defects by 90%.

Our solution covers all of our clients testing needs including:
   user acceptance testing
   system and integration testing
   operational acceptance testing
   testing management

  • GUI-based automation

We recognize the business value of test automation for our clients. We also know that not all automation tools and solutions provide real business benefit when implemented.

Our approach is to insure maximum performance in test automation by providing a fully thought-out implementation plan and an established set of expectations, BEFORE any deployment.

We have extensive experience in test automation, as well as testing harness and framework building which makes us a perfect partner.

Our automation solutions:
   use off-the-shelf and proprietary tools
   widen testing scope
   speed up test execution cycles
   test the applications with end to end business test scenarios

  • Back-end automation

Back-end systems are the operational backbones of any business, and testing them requires specific non-trivial solutions.

Providing a back-end test automation solution with real business benefits is a very demanding task. It requires in-depth understanding of the underlying application and its business domain.

We have accumulated a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to back-end systems. As a result of this expertise we’ve developed a proprietary testing tool known as BEST (Back-End System Tester), a platform targeted at testing complex distributed banking/financial applications.

We offer:
   Proprietary automation tools & frameworks
   Protocol level automation (FIX, GL, Fidessa OpenAccess, etc.)
   Complex custom built test harnesses
   Back end migration and architectural reorganization solutions
   Capacity and performance testing automation